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  • Welcome…

    I am an on-location photographer based in Virginia Beach, VA.

    If you'd like to connect send an email my way.

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wind and wall

hmmm… what IS she thinking?….


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Frequently I drive around looking for inspiration and sometimes my children like to find it.  My son liked this wall and named it the “minecraft wall.”  He bargained for a piece of gum.

I could not resist photographing him in front of these walls.  As he asked for another piece of gum I happily gave.

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Wind inspires.Wind breathes life.

Listen to the sounds it makes though the trees making its presence known like a song. Watch for the wind it will reveal itself and then inspire.

The way it wraps around her when standing still. The way it blows strands of her hair. The way it delights and sometimes scares. If only she could fly with the wind one day…

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patched up wall

my friend showed me this patched up blue wall next to her mechanics shop.

Perfect for a backdrop for a little boy who likes the color blue…

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