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a photographic story

these pictures were taken some 5 years ago as their baby brother who was in their mommy’s tummy at the time is now close to turning 5.  a story filled with lots of fun and love to follow…




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I need a little baby girl in my life

I do all I do
To fall in love with a girl like you
You can’t run and you can’t hide
You and me gonna touch the sky…

(a little bit a Lou Bega…)

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remembering Virginia Beach

Embarking on a new journey in life is always exciting. Taking a moment to remember your last is just as joyous. They wanted to remember the time they spent in Virginia Beach and visit place they enjoyed most with their children.  So we met at the oceanfront and wandered down the boardwalk and stopped at a few of their favorite streets. The kids sat, ran and played while I snapped away capturing their honest moments of joy.









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Beach, sun, fun  – what more could I ask for?  How about two cute siblings to let me photograph them being kids!

until we meet again… have fun!

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The Bucknums = Family Fun

I considered myself lucky to photography this family.  Their family dynamic was so amazingly close, comfortable and fun.  They came with their chairs, humor, food and spirits fully prepared for an evening of enjoyment. Since I was calling Mrs. Bucknum “Mom,” a beach-goer offered to take the pictures so I could be in them.  I thought that was funny!  Calling her mom just felt – comfortable ;0)

thanks for a lovely evening.  xo, jessica

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