To The Beach

For the past 30-some years my husband’s family and their friends have been religiously vacationing in one spot – Caswell Beach, NC.  I find that pretty amazing.  It is a beautiful beach on Oak Island facing due south. To the east we could see Bald Head Island and the Old Baldy lighthouse.  Since the beach front house we stayed at conveniently (almost too conveniently) had a pool and a game room, our kids would make a b-line for the pool as soon as we stepped out the back door.  When they were finished with the pool, they would scoot over to the game room door and bounce there until we would come open it. Actually making it down to the beach proved to be an impossible task.  The term “beach vacation” was not in their dictionary only the word “FUN.” And they thankfully had lots of it!

xo, jessica

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